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Sergio Urussov

Sergio Urussov

Your most suitable candidate

  • Cultural mediator in several refugees hosting centres coordinated by the Plateforme;
  • Creating and implementing a tracking system for the inventaries and new deliveries of two of the Plateforme's hosting centres;
  • Taking part in the activities organised in the centres, organising new ones, establishing new partnerships with local and international organisations.
  • Welcoming migrants from Ukraine at the Red Cross information and dispatching point in Brussels' South Station;
  • Translating and interpreting from Russian to French (and vice-versa);
  • Coordinating the work of volunteers;
  • Linking with other local and national organisations involved in the humanitarian effort to welcome the newly arrived migrants from Ukraine.


Mincione Edizioni
February 2021 to November 2021
  • Translating a non-fiction book from English to Italian on the topic of the Russian Revolution.
  • Assisting the Executive Director with her daily administrative activities;
  • Assisting GFMD team with preparing materials and briefings for project implementation;
  • Assisting GFMD team with developing strategic consultation documents and processes;
  • Helping coordinate GFMD's Working Group on EU media policy and producing reports from meetings;
  • Contributing to GFMD communication materials and channels and content creation and administration of the new GFMD website;
  • Document translation from English to French.
  • Reporting on Russia and Russia-related issues such as human rights, political repressions in contemporary Russia and the history of political repressions in the former USSR.
  • Administrative tasks;
  • Documents translation from Russian into Italian, French and English;
  • Assistance with organizing the organization's archives;
  • Social work with elderly people, former political detainees and deportees in Soviet time;
  • Assistance in organizing and participation in Memorial's summer research expeditions in the Region;
  • Creating and designing infosheets detailing aims and goals of the research expeditions;
  • Advocacy for human rights and promotion of volunteering related values with youngsters and students.
  • Preparation of the weekly lesson (and choice of weekly discussion theme);
  • Preparation and selection of the pedagogical materials to be used during the session.
  • Social Media managing (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud);
  • Social Media monitoring;
  • Audio and video editing;
  • Attending events and conferences representing ENC;
  • Producing research (summaries, profiles, briefings) related to ENC's research topics: energy, european affairs,international affairs, ... ;
  • Managing ENC's website posts through WordPress;
  • Administrative tasks;
  • Setting up ENC's newsletter layout on Mailchimp.

European Training Programme

European Neighbourhood Council

The European Training Programme - "Unlocking the Workings of he EU" aim is to provide a thorough understanding of the EU’s internal workings on a variety of different topics, ranging from external relations in trade, energy and investment to security, innovation, and banking reforms. It was comprised of 12 topic-specific sessions.


Università degli Studi di Firenze

2013 to 2014
Erasmus - Academic Year 2013/2014

Bachelor in Political Science

Université Libre de Bruxelles

2011 to 2015

Writing and editing articles - Italian,French and English

  • Drafting, writing and translating skills in the field of international relations, with a focus on Russian internal and external affairs.


  • Italian - Mother tongue
  • French - Native speaker level
  • English - Professional working proficiency
  • Russian - Professional working proficiency
  • Spanish - Intermediate level
  • Turkish - Basic knowledge

Voluntary work

  • Volunteer, in March and April 2022, at the Belgian Red Cross as an interpreter/translator with refugees from Ukraine (Russian to French and vice-versa);
  • Since February 2023, I translate articles related to migrations for the Italian NGO Melting Pot Europa;
  • Volunteer work, over the course of the summer in 2017, at the Tolstoy museum-estate in Yasnaya Polyana (Russia).

Computer skills

  • Office: Word, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Internet: WordPress, GitBook
  • Marketing: Mailchimp
  • CaptureOne, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop
  • Google Sheets

Photography - Post-production

  • Amateur photographer (digital and film). I know my way around a camera and am familiar with post-production software, such as Lightroom or CaptureOne. I also home-develop black and white films.


  • Cyclotourism, trekking.


  • Italian, Eastern European fiction.


  • My parmigiana di melanzane was complimented from the plains of Belgium to the Ural mountains.
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